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Lets’ go Dutch, honey

I have worked my socks off at cheap London escorts, and I still do in many ways. Working for a fantastic cheap London escorts service is one of the best jobs you can have in London, but that does not mean that you owe others a living. My current boyfriend probably has a pretty good idea about how much I earn working for London escorts, and he expects me to pay for most things when we are out. I know that he does not earn as much as I do, but then again, I cannot see why I should pay for everything.

Working for cheap London escorts has been great for me. I have got my own flat without a mortgage, and I even have a little nest egg tucked away. My boyfriend would love to move in with me, but I am not going to let him. We have only been together for six months, and I know that he would not be so keen to pay for any of the bills. I am pretty sure that I would end up paying for all of the bills even if I asked him to go half with me. Living together can sometimes be a mug's game, and I am not going to go down the same route as some of my colleagues at London escorts.

So many of the girls that I work with at London escorts, or have worked with at other London escorts services have ended up paying for the their partners' lifestyles. One of the girls even ended up paying for her boyfriend's car which I thought was really silly. When they first met, he had his own flat which he ended up renting out and pocketing the money. Sure, she had a boyfriend but she was in effect paying for his lifestyle, and that was not really fair.

I know it is hard to have a relationship when you work for London escorts, but you cannot have everything in life. My boyfriend seems to think that I owe him a living, but everything that I have achieved at London escorts, I have achieved of my own back. In the next couple of weeks, I am going to put my foot down a little bit and tell my boyfriend to meet me halfway. As it is I pay for everything when we go out, and it is making me feel a little bit used to say the least.

Lots of couple in London go Dutch when they go out these days. Yes, I may have fantastic income at London escorts, but I am not there to pay for someone else to dine out on me. Since we started to date, I think that I can count on the fingers of one hand how many meals my boyfriend has paid for when we have been out. Come to think of it, this guy has not even bought me a bunch of flowers. Many of my dates at London escorts by me flowers or a bottle of champagne on a regular basis. Perhaps I should ditch the boyfriend instead.

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