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Marriage Tips To Kids

It is hard to believe but my daughter is getting married. I think that she is getting married a bit too young, but there you go. When I was 21 years old, I was still working for cheap escorts in London and would not have dreamed of getting married. Things have changed and I have noticed many other girls in my daughter's age group have got married recently. Perhaps they inspired her. Was I inspired to get married when I was 21 years old? There was no way, I was busy dating some of the hottest men in town at London escorts.

My London escorts lifestyle was rather glamorous when compared to my marriage. When I finally left London escorts I ended up getting married to a man who was 17 years old than me. I did not think it was going to affect us but it certainly did. I think that I would tell my daughter that marriage is not all about champagne in bed and caviar on toast. Sometimes it is about cutting someone's toenails and generally looking after them. Just as I have ended up doing for my husband. But, I have to say that I still love my husband.

There are a couple of things that I think my daughter has missed out on. When I was younger, I used to love going out with my friends at cheap escorts in London and party like mad. It gave me heaps of confidence and I loved to have fun. I am not sure why, but my daughter has not really been into that sort of thing. She does not seem to have taken after my rather crazy London escorts personality. Instead she seems to have taken after my husband's calm personality. Maybe that is a good thing. But, I would still tell her to keep in touch with her friends and try to have some fun.

My daughter is not independent. When I married my husband I was totally financially independent. I had my own flat in London which I started to rent out to have an income just for me. My daughter does not really have anything that she can call her own. I have encouraged her to try to become independent and create something for herself. Once again, I had to “create” my own life and thanks to London escorts, I did do very well when I was young. It was good learning to stand on my own two feet.

Marriage is not easy. I am glad that I had my London escorts career. It has become a bit of a fond memory. My daughter does not know I used to work for a London escorts agency. My husband is okay about and I know that it does not matter to him. Funnily enough I think that one of the reasons my daughter is getting married early is because she knows my husband and I have had a good marriage. Perhaps she wants to recreate what I have enjoyed with her father, Despite is wonky toe nails, I really do love him a lot and I don't mind that he finds daily life a little bit harder and times.